Utah Supreme Court clears way for adoption by partners of same-sex spouses

(Reuters) - The Utah Supreme Court on Thursday lifted an order that had blocked spouses in same-sex marriages from adopting their partners' children, state officials said.
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WH Watchful as New Ebola Case Confirmed

Alexis Simendinger, RCP
President Obama on Thursday was updated with information about a doctor who treated Ebola patients in Guinea, flew to New York more than a week ago and tested positive for the virus after being isolated in a Manhattan hospital with a fever and gastrointestinal illness.The stateÂ’s Department of Health said the patient, a physician who worked in West Africa with the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders, was being treated at Bellevue Hospital, one of the stateÂ’s designated facilities with staff trained and equipped in the protocols recommended for suspected and confirmed Ebola cases.Tests... Read More (Opens In A New Tab)

Why the House Will Stay Republican

Michael Barone, RealClearPolitics
You probably haven't read much commentary about this year's elections to the House of Representatives. There's a good reason for that: The majority in the Senate is up for grabs, but it's clear to everyone who follows these things that Republicans will continue to control the House. But there are lessons to be learned from this year's House races, some of them relevant beyond this election cycle. The House math is fairly simple. Republicans won 234 House seats in 2012 and Democrats 201. There are three vacant seats now, but neither party has gained a seat in a special election or by a party... Read More (Opens In A New Tab)

Former Bellevue, Wash., official accused of stealing pro-gun campaign sign

SEATTLE (Reuters) - A former City Council member in Bellevue, Washington, has been accused of stealing campaign signs urging voters to block the expansion of background checks for gun buyers in the state, police said on Wednesday.

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Democrat Media Gives Up on Covering Midterms

Noah Rothman, HotAir
It is probably safe to assume that you have been following the midterm elections closely. You decided to click on this link, which would indicate that you have at least a passing interest in the coming national vote in which Americans will determine which party controls the upper chamber of Congress for the remainder of the Obama presidency. If, however, you have been closely following the coverage of the coming midterms, you might have noticed that network news outlets do not appear to share your enthusiasm. You’re not imagining things. Read More (Opens In A New Tab)

In Iowa, Mike Huckabee Is Making Moves

Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
SIOUX CITY, Iowa -- It was just another routine photo-op at a Republican field office Tuesday morning until Mike Huckabee decided to improvise. In a cheeky attempt to bring himself level with Cody Hoefert -- the 7-foot-tall co-chairman of the Iowa Republican Party -- Huckabee pulled up a chair and began to climb atop it. He didn’t have to complete the physical joke to get the laughs he was looking for from the group of gray-haired volunteers who had assembled for his appearance with Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst. “Golly!” the 5-11 Huckabee marveled.... Read More (Opens In A New Tab)