Please Help, A U.s. History Question…?

I’m confused with this question… is it A? I don’t understand. I will give 10 points! Thanks!
“Texas is now ours. Already, before these words are written, her Convention has undoubtedly ratified the acceptance, by her Congress, or our proffered invitation into the Union; and made the requisite changes in her already republican form of constitution to adapt it to it future federal relations. . . . [It is] the manifest destiny [of Americans] to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.”
In the above excerpt, O’Sullivan discusses the justification for the United States to…
A annex Texas and expand settlement to western U.S. lands according to its inherent right of Manifest Destiny.
B develop the goal of expanding Texas westward and southward to spread its development.
C accept annexation of Texas from Great Britain and occupy the territory.
D forcefully take over Texas and demand that it adopt the U.S. occupation regulations.


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