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J.V. DeSantis

Obama uses Japan visit to reassure wary Asian allies

TOKYO (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama used a state visit to Japan on Thursday to try to reassure Asian allies of his commitment to ramping up U.S. engagement in the region, despite Chinese complaints that his real aim is to contain Beijing’s rise.

Barack Obama, the Adolescent President

George Will, Washington Post
Recently, Barack Obama — a Demosthenes determined to elevate our politics from coarseness to elegance; a Pericles sent to ameliorate our rhetorical impoverishment — spoke at the University of Michigan. He came to that very friendly venue — in 2012, he received 67 percent of the vote in Ann Arbor’s county — after visiting a local sandwich shop, where a muse must have whispered in the presidential ear. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) had recently released his budget, so Obama expressed his disapproval by calling it, for the benefit of his academic audience, a…

The Key to 2014

E.J. Dionne, RealClearPolitics
CHICAGO — The Democrats’ biggest strategic challenge in maintaining control of the U.S. Senate involves motivating the party’s base while simultaneously attracting swing and even Republican voters in contests being waged in conservative states.
This base-versus-swing dilemma exists in every election, but the tension is aggravated for Democrats this year because they are trying to hold so many seats in Republican territory. Incumbents such as Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Mark Pryor in Arkansas, Mark Begich in Alaska and Kay Hagan in North Carolina can’t win with the base alone. The Democrats’…

Obama reassures Japan, other allies on China ahead of visit

TOKYO (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama has said Washington welcomes China’s rise but that engagement with Beijing would not come at the expense of its Asian allies – as Chinese state media greeted his imminent arrival in the region with a broadside accusing the United States of wanting to “cage” the emerging superpower.

The President’s Cynical Keystone Strategy

Ed Rogers, Washington Post

Send US Troops to Ukraine

Do our treaty commitments mean anything? Are they worth the paper upon which they are written? In 1994, President Clinton, British Prime Minister Major, Russian President Yeltsin, and Ukrainian President Kuchma signed The Budapest Memorandum pledging themselves and their nations to “respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.”

The treaty was signed as part of a successful effort to persuade Ukraine to relinquish its nuclear stockpile, armaments stationed there when the Soviet Union broke up. In return for the joint guarantee, Ukraine promised to give up its nuclear weapons.

It’s there in black and white: an American commitment we must…